Hardware Accelerator Team Spotlight: Advection

Meet Advection, a #HardwareAccelerator19 team finding more accessible ways to capture clean water. Team leader Jason Chen, along with members Jeremy Kline, Ethan Liu, and Samik Shrotriya are evolving current research from water producing...

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Daniel Fidanque

Hardware Accelerator Team Spotlight: Dentle

Meet Dentle a #HardwareAccelerator19 company founded by Daniel Fidanque that is creating a device that allows you to brush and floss your teeth effortlessly.  What problem do you solve for the market?  Millions of people brush...

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Hardware Accelerator Week 9: Prototype

During week nine of #HardwareAccelerator19, the teams continued building their prototypes and preparing for Demo Day on August 1. Week nine featured guest speakers, team meetings, and a design review where teams critiqued each other’s...

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Stead-Ease Hardware Accelerator 19

Hardware Accelerator Team Spotlight: Stead-Ease

#HardwareAccelerator19 Team Stead-Ease, is focused on helping the geriatric population remain independent. Team members Mark Lawley and Veronica Weser's previous doctoral work helps those who have lost sensation in their...

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