Author: Tom Schryver

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Tax Time!

Ahh, the wonders of this time of year, as the inlet unfreezes, the daffodils start to poke up, and the thoughts of upstate residents turns to 1040s, 1065s, and K-1s. This...

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What form of entity?

Rev members can be any type of corporate entity - as long as it's an organized business entity and not an individual. This leads people to ask - what's the...

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35 final pitches

Last Wednesday and Thursday I was "empaneled" to review 35 end of semester business pitches for classes at Cornell's Johnson School. It was a long two days, but a privilege...

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Thoughts from a VC

We are very lucky to have Zach Shulman as a colleague, partner, and friend. Zach is the head of our sister organization Entrepreneurship at Cornell, and is also a Managing...

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Lessons from Astro Teller

I recently had the good fortune to be at an event where Astro Teller was interviewed. No relation to Penn and Teller (but the grandson of Edward Teller, the physicist),...

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NDA or not to NDA, that is the question…

As advisors and instructors we often get questions about protecting intellectual property, and we occasionally get asked to sign confidentiality or nondisclosure agreements, aka "NDA"s. Our experience is that in most...

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