Startup In Ithaca

Ithaca is a top startup spot


Nationally, the number of startups is rapidly growing. More professionals are choosing entrepreneurial paths and building businesses that solve problems they are passionate about. Ithaca is well positioned to take advantage of this shift in industry.


With a solid track record of growing startup companies, a wealth of highly-skilled and educated potential employees, and numerous rankings for its high quality of life, Ithaca is welcoming more startups and providing them with the tools they need to grow and thrive. 


With a wealth of educated and skilled talent, vibrant startup scene, and a high volume of issued patents, Ithaca, New York is a small tech savvy community leading the nation. USA Today and 24/7 Wall Street listed Ithaca #13 on its list of The 25 Most Innovative Cities in the US.


In 2019, Rev’s member companies:

Created 136 new jobs

Generated $20.1M in revenue

Raised $21M in capital

Tom Schryver shares insights on the impact of startups on our regional and local economies

State of Ithaca’s Startup Economy


View our report to get a snapshot of national, regional, and local startup trends and see how Ithaca’s entrepreneurs fit in.

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State of Ithaca's Startup Economy

Monthly Networking Nights:


In addition to Rev’s monthly networking nights, a number of organizations in Ithaca and Tompkins County host networking events. 


The Tompkins Chamber hosts over 35 events every year featuring opportunities for networking, professional development, and industry insight.

Networking Opportunities