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Co-Marketing Director

 Antithesis is looking for an entrepreneurial co-founding team member, passionate about getting better-for-you food to consumers. This role on the founding team will manage and execute our omni-channel marketing strategy. You’ll help tell the world what we’ve been working on during the pandemic by growing and scaling our first major brand, Grabanzos. 


Who we are 

Antithesis makes better food through science. We think that getting the world to eat better can be accomplished with better processed foods. We’re aiming to change how the world crunches, beginning with crunchy chocolate snacks. 

If it crunches and it’s made with wheat, rice, potatoes, or corn, we’re aiming to make a better-for-you version of it. 

Our first brand is Grabanzos, a crunchy chocolate snack with more protein, fiber, and fewer calories than its competitors. This brand is built atop our chickpea-based crunchy snacking platform. 

What we value 

Radically candid feedback, rapid iteration, creativity, decisiveness, and self-starters that work with a sense of urgency. Telling the world about a new way to crunch is a big challenge, if you’re up for it, reach out. 


What you’ll do 

  • Build an omni channel marketing strategy: You will design a marketing strategy to build awareness for Grabanzos online and on shelf. 
  • Execute the strategy: With help from agencies or freelancers, execute a strategy through digital and physical media, explaining what Grabanzos are, and generating trial in store and through our e-commerce properties. 
  • Measure and analyze execution: Are the campaigns working, why or why not? You’ll develop KPIs, and track and measure them to assess the effectiveness of our strategy. 
  • Overcommunicate: We’re a small team and we love to iterate quickly. The best candidate will ask for thoughts, feedback, and ask for help when things aren’t working. 
  • Get into the trenches: We are looking for someone passionate about what we’re building and who wants to build it along with us. That means getting into the weeds to fix things when they’re broken, but always maintaining a strategic perspective 


What you have 

  • A track record: You’ve built marketing strategies and have overseen campaigns in the snack CPG world. You know how to support retailers and have stories about what does and doesn’t work to drive trial and awareness. You have experience establishing a strategic vision and executing it. 
  • Communication skills: You love providing feedback, teaching, coaching, and explaining processes, products, and solutions to customers and team members. You know how to overcommunicate and simplify messages to reduce miscommunication. 
  • An entrepreneurial mindset: You don’t wait to be told what to do; you know what needs to be done and you do it. You’re comfortable making independent decisions and operating autonomously with minimal direction. 
  • Curiosity: You ask why things are done a certain way and are continually learning. 
  • An organized dashboard: Working as part of a dynamic team, you are accountable and dependable, available for communication through emails or company chat. 



While the core team are in Ithaca, NY, to start, this position can be flexible on location 

If you’re interested or have questions / comments reach out to [email protected] 

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