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Rev Member Success

Rev Member Success

Since opening its doors in 2014, Rev has been a gathering place for startups and entrepreneurs. Whether it be over morning coffee, at networking nights, during EIR meetings, or simply during the workday, Rev members can collaborate and communicate with other startups and leaders in the local entrepreneurship community.

Rev serves as a bridge that connects our local community with our campus communities, engaging and matching interested entrepreneurs, community members, faculty, and students.

66 Total Startup Members to Date

Rev supports and empowers startups with:

  • Connections with investors
  • Office hours with experienced entrepreneurs
  • Leading-edge work spaces
  • Educational workshops
  • Curriculum for commercializing research
  • Town-gown-community networking events
  • Career fairs
  • Hardware lab space to build prototypes

Why we’ve had success in our mission:

  • Local and regional strength in R&D
  • Legacy of hardware and manufacturing
  • Strong entrepreneurial ecosystem at local colleges and universities
  • Regional network of entrepreneurs and partners
  • New York State benefits for startups and innovation
  • Location in the heart of the community
  • More entrepreneurs are choosing to stay and grow in Ithaca

“Ithaca has a wealth of talented, skilled employees due to all of the colleges and universities. Ithaca is also great place to live, work, and play.”

– Adam Maher, Founder, Ursa

Rev Member Spotlight: Ursa

Founded in 2014 by Adam Maher (Cornell BS ’06, MENG ’07), Derek Edinger (Cornell BS ’94, MENG ’95), and Julie Baker 

Ursa Space Systems is a geospatial services company that uses a radar satellite network to detect events happening around the world. Ursa analyzes data from the satellite network to deliver timely insights to people who make decisions.

Since its founding in 2014 as on of Rev’s inaugural members, Ursa has focused on providing analytics to the energy and finance industries. The company plans to expand its service to other industries including insurance, logistics, and environmental and social governance (ESG).

Recent Milestones:

  • Raised $15M Series B funding led by Razor’s Edge Ventures.
  • Recognized by Forbes for hiring women leaders and achieving near gender parity company-wide.
  • Now offering the world’s most comprehensive oil storage coverage available, along with other standard and custom product offerings.
  • Raised $15M Series A funding to turn satellite imagery into business intelligence.
  • The number of employees has tripled since December 2017, including the addition of a new CTO.
  • Hired their first female president, Nicole Robinson, in Spring 2021.

“Ithaca has great talent, great local support, a rapidly growing startup scene, and it is a fantastic place to live.”

– Charlie Mulligan, Founder, GiveGab

Rev Member Spotlight: GiveGab

Founded in 2011 by Charlie Mulligan (Cornell MBA ’11), Aaron Godert (Cornell MENG ’05, MBA ’11), and Jay Rogan 

GiveGab is a fundraising and donor engagement platform for nonprofits. Today, the company is the number one digital solution for Giving Days and year-round fundraising tailored to cause-based organizations, community foundations, education institutions, and public media outlets.

Recent Milestones:

  • Enabled customers to raise over $132 M in spring Giving Days.
  • Raised more than $1.5B for 35,000 nonprofits to date.
  • Completed a very successful acquisition of giving day market leader Kimbia.
  • The company has grown to over 50 employees.
  • Acquired by EveryAction and remains an independent subsidiary in Ithaca, NY.
GiveGab Nonprofit Giving Platform
Close-up of Grabanzos, a crunchy chickpea dough covered in chocolate. Some of the Grabanzos are whole and some of them are crushed revealing the crunchy texture inside.


Antithesis makes crunchy snacks with more protein, more fiber, and fewer calories. Its snacks are built around a chickpea ingredient platform which aims to disrupt legacy crunchy snacks across categories

Recent milestones:

  • Awarded a $225k SBIR Phase-1 Grant from The National Science Foundation.
  • Focused on scaling production of its chickpea dough by developing a specialized drying process.
  • Partnered with a food manufacturing facility in New York state to expand production.
New York Hemp Oil Coo-founders

Rev Member Spotlight: NY Hemp Oil

NY Hemp Oil is one of the only cannabidiol (CBD) oil companies in New York state with seed-t0-sale production–from planting the hemp seeds to processing and selling the oil.

Recent milestones:

  • Increased its employee count ten-fold since 2017.
  • Built state of the art CBD extraction facility, expanding capacity 40x to support New York sate’s industrial hemp industry.
  • Contracted with Wegmans and Kinney drugs to sell its products in all of their stores nationwide.