Rev Member Success

Rev Member Success


Since opening its doors in 2014, Rev has been a gathering place for startups and entrepreneurs. Whether it be over morning coffee, at networking nights, during EIR meetings, or simply during the workday, Rev members can collaborate and communicate with other startups and leaders in the local entrepreneurship community.


Rev serves as a bridge that connects our local community with our campus communities, engaging and matching interested entrepreneurs, community members, faculty, and students.

66 Total Startup Members to Date

Rev supports and empowers startups with:

  • Connections with investors
  • Office hours with experienced entrepreneurs
  • Leading-edge work spaces
  • Educational workshops
  • Curriculum for commercializing research
  • Town-gown-community networking events
  • Career fairs
  • Hardware lab space to build prototypes

Why we’ve had success in our mission:

  • Local and regional strength in R&D
  • Legacy of hardware and manufacturing
  • Strong entrepreneurial ecosystem at local colleges and universities
  • Regional network of entrepreneurs and partners
  • New York State benefits for startups and innovation
  • Location in the heart of the community
  • More entrepreneurs are choosing to stay and grow in Ithaca

“Ithaca has a wealth of talented, skilled employees due to all of the colleges and universities. Ithaca is also great place to live, work, and play.”

– Adam Maher, Founder, Ursa

Rev Member Spotlight: Ursa

Founded in 2014 by Adam Maher (Cornell BS ’06, MENG ’07), Derek Edinger (Cornell BS ’94, MENG ’95), and Julie Baker 


Ursa is a global geospatial intelligence company leveraging radar satellites to deliver analytics-as-a-service. Radar works through clouds and at night, allowing collection of information about activities on the Earth rain or shine. This enables Ursa to connect impactful radar data with people across industries looking to make better, more informed decisions.


Recent Milestones:

  • Released the world’s first comprehensive weekly China oil inventory report in May 2017, adding new regions through May 2018.
  • Now offering the most comprehensive oil storage coverage available, along with other standard and custom product offerings.
  • Raised $7M Series A funding to turn satellite imagery into business intelligence.
  • The number of employees has tripled since December 2017, including the addition of a new CTO.


Notable recent funders:

  • RRE (New York-based venture capital firm)
  • NEA (venture capital firm focused on technology and healthcare companies)

“Ithaca has great talent, great local support, a rapidly growing startup scene, and it is a fantastic place to live.”

– Charlie Mulligan, Founder, GiveGab

Rev Member Spotlight: GiveGab

Founded in 2011 by Charlie Mulligan (Cornell MBA ’11), Aaron Godert (Cornell MENG ’05, MBA ’11), and Jay Rogan 


GiveGab is a fundraising and donor engagement platform for nonprofits.


Recent Milestones:

  • Raised more than $1B for 35,000 nonprofits to date.
  • Raised nearly $150M in less than 5 months in 2018.
  • Completed a very successful acquisition of giving day market leader Kimbia.
  • The company has grown to 45 employees.


Notable recent funders:

  • Cayuga Venture Fund (a venture capital firm focused on Upstate New York and NYC)
GiveGab Nonprofit Giving Platform

Notable Rev Alumni



Maidbot revolutionizes the commercial cleaning industry by leaving dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks to autonomous solutions, allowing humans to focus on more meaningful and enjoyable work.


Maidbot is an alumnus of Rev, eLab, and the Rev Hardware Accelerator.


Recent milestones in 2018:

  • Hired 6 new paid employees in 2018
  • Raised $3,400,000 in capital in 2018


Eversound is an engagement amplifier that removes communication barriers, empowering senior living communities to deliver extraordinary individualized care.


Eversound is an alumnus of Rev and eLab..


Recent milestones in 2018:

  • Generated $1,500,000 in business revenue
  • Hired 13 new paid employees
  • Raised $5,000,000 in capital
Ithaca Craft Hummus

Ithaca Craft Hummus

Ithaca Craft Hummus uses cold pressure instead of heat pasteurization to keep their ingredients raw, full of nutrients, and alive with flavor.