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2022 Manufacturing Cohort

Meet the 2022-23 Manufacturing Hardware Accelerator Cohort

Apricity Solutions

Jeffrey E. Green

Apricity Solutions is creating a simple, safe, and inexpensive infant warming blanket that can be used in low- and middle-income countries to improve maternal-child health and reduce infant mortality.

Atlas Urban Farms

Connor Harbison, Weixun He, Winston Hsu

Atlas Urban Farms designs vertical farming systems for chefs, so they can save money serving fresher food.

Barn Owl Technologies

Richard Chen

Barn Owl Technologies are building “Google Maps for pests”. The product enables farmers to fight new invasive insects and provides early detection for farmers to deal with existing invasive species while using less pesticides.

Bifarm Tech

Wanjun Gao, Hanna Gru

Bifarm Tech is working to provide autonomous indoor growing systems. Bifarm Tech specializes in precision aeroponics with digital environment control.

Cubed Data

Pima Mbwana

Cubed Data, is a construction company that builds sustainable modular data centers providing infrastructure to solve building and design inefficiencies for a better connected future.

Disc Dynamics

Devin Benson, Luke Perkins, Josh Pickrell

Disc Dynamics is developing products designed for members of the disc sports community to improve their game and enrich their playing experience.

Druid Agriculture

Julian Walker, Desmond Irby

Druid Agriculture has developed a simple, affordable camera system that allows farmers to remotely manage and monitor crops so they can solve problems faster and improve yields. The systems can be installed in any indoor environment, from multi-acre greenhouses to a grow tent in a basement.

EverFoam Products

Traci Jones

EverFoam Products has designed reusable Mylar party balloons constructed with sustainable materials and made to be compressible for easy shipping and storage. The look and appeal of a traditional single use balloon is achieved without the need for helium or air, reducing costs and increasing sustainability.

New Path Label Applicators

Paul & Julie Koch

New Path Label Applicators is a startup innovating the design and manufacture of affordable label applicators. Using a patented Channel Slide technology, New Path Label Applicators makes label applicator machines that are easy to use and more affordable than competing technologies.


Ludovico Cestarollo, Karan Vishwanath

RheoHero is developing an innovative ankle support solution for collegiate basketball trainers to rapidly secure the ankles of the athletes and provide support against twisting injuries without limiting athletes’ mobility.


Taita Ngetich, Paul Obwaka

Synnefa is an AgTech SaaS startup making complex farming feel simple by providing farming software integrated with climate smart irrigation systems powered by AI.

A man and a woman stand in front of a green tree background

Wisely, Inc.

Rachelle McCray, Charles Driscoll

Wisely, Inc. is developing a first-of-its-kind smart food storage lid.

green ekg monitor


L. Vaughn

Artēria is developing a wearable device and digital platform to provide cardiovascular health solutions.

Man in a black polo sits outside

ReVert Technologies

Ryan Li, Joseph Lybik

ReVert Technologies is bringing their debut product to market. The Teak Smart Cube is an AI-enabled modular power adapter that turns different plugged-in home electronics on and off, saving users energy and reducing their carbon footprint without disruption to lifestyle.


Kush Jain, JJ Li

BrailleWear has created a smart glove that helps visually impaired people learn braille faster, independently and at a significantly lower cost than traditional methods.


Jen Chiang, Stéphane Krumenacker, Lance Norman, Frank Emory III

Opal is designing the future of wearable safety with fashion in mind. Opal is building a thoughtfully designed smart ring that allows the user to request help from 911 or emergency contacts.