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2021 Manufacturing Cohort

Meet the 2021-22 Manufacturing Hardware Accelerator Cohort

Man in plaid shirt stands in front of green trees

Bird Listener LLC

Jonathan Ehrenkrantz

The Bird Listener is an outdoor microphone that transmits the sounds of birds and other nature sounds to an indoor speaker unit.

Three men and one woman stand happily together in front of green trees


Michelle Greenfield, Jake Simmons, Calder TenEyck, Juan Boza

Equilibrate is developing novel technology that provides precise data facilitating early detection of equine lameness. Early detection enables optimal patient care with greater recovery success rates.

Man in a black t-shirt stands in front of a green tree background


Adam Yormark

A simple adhesive mechanical focus tool.

A woman in a black sweater stands in front of a green tree background


Johanna Alicea

A patent pending multi-use nail care tool that cracks an urgent problem facing people who do their nails and nail technicians: complete lack of ergonomics and precision in nail polish removal and buffing ritual.

The GismoPower team poses in front of portable photovoltaic deployment technology, which resembles a carport with solar panels.


Antonia Ginsberg-Klemmt, Achim Ginsberg-Klemmt, Erika Ginsberg-Klemmt, Elliot Vasquez

GismoPower is a portable photovoltaic deployment technology for residential driveways integrating a carport, a solar system and an EV-Charger into one plug-and-play style electricity generating appliance.

A man with glasses in a button down shirt poses in front of green trees


Nick Aflitto, Margaret Nicoll

The SemioSmart is a refillable semiochemical dispensing platform that disperses high concentrations of customized pheromone blends to sustainably and conveniently manage agriculture pests without the use of harmful pesticides.

A man with glasses stands in front of a green tree background

Mechanismic Inc.

Anurag Purwar, Ameya Kale

SnappyXO Design is a turn-key, authentic, and affordable STEM Robotics education product that scales K-12 and beyond.

Man posing in front of a green tree covered background

Team Clean Air

Robert Koch

Team Clean Air develops an innovative, low cost, and easy to deploy outdoor sensor platform for air quality and greenhouse gas detection.

A woman poses in front of a green tree background

Teqnizan Inc

Rama Prasad

Adding high value circuits to jewelry casings.

A woman poses in front of a green tree background

The Wrist Valet

Tracie Weeks, Taelor Manning, Dominique Manning

The Wrist Valet is a patent pending magnetic wristband article with attachments designed to hold a variety of articles and products.

A man and a woman in matching shirts stand in front of a green tree background


Jialin Ke, Joshua Zhu

The Soulo Nail Trimmer is the first toenail filer designed for reach.

A man and a woman stand in front of a green tree background

Wisely, Inc.

Rachelle McCray, Charles Driscoll

A first of its kind smart food storage lid.