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About Hub Controls 

Hub Controls is the home of Happy Heating. We’re proud of our award-winning smart thermostat, which is the only one that really gives customers control over their utility bills. You see at Hub Controls, we really care about making a difference to our customers’ lives, helping them to save their money and their planet. We also care about our people, we want them to work in an inspiring yet relaxed environment, where they are a valued part of a high performing team. Are you ready to make a difference? As part of our expansion, we are looking to hire an Electrical Engineer for our US office.


Senior Software Developer


Job Description:

As a Senior Software Developer, you will be expected to have a solid programming background, especially in Go, C and C++ to run within aLinux environment. An applicant with skills which cross a number of these areas would be especially valuable.

In 2020 our software development will follow four main channels:

  • Enhancing and scaling the Cloud Service API used by Hubs
  • Adding multi-zone support to the C application to be used on EU Hubs
  • Releasing and enhancing the C application to be used on US Hubs
  • Supporting and enhancing the Mobile App for Android and iOS

In addition, a few other software projects may also be worked on from time to time:

  • Support / enhance the Hub website
  • Support / enhance the internal systems

Any appointee will be expected to be able to provide a broad base of expertise to assist more junior staff and to liaise directly with the ProductDevelopment team to prioritize work, agree deadlines and assess viability and priority for further development.


Desired Skills and Experience: 

  • 2+ years commercial experience working with the Go programming language preferably combined with strong experience with atleast two of: C, C++, Linux
  • Experience working on software within embedded environments, especially ARM
  • Good understanding of Linux systems administration
  • Familiarity with revision control systems, especially Git
  • Familiarity with continuous integration testing systems
  • Excellent verbal and personal communication skills
  • Ability to engage confidently with customers by email and over the phone
  • Good time management skills, with the ability to prioritize multiple projects and competing deadlines
  • Take ownership of a problem and see it through to conclusion

While it is essential that the candidate have solid experience with the Go programming language, other priorities around our interviewing and remuneration will be based around the skills presented in the candidate’s resume, and our evaluation of whether the candidate can develop their future skills.


Primary Responsibilities:

Develop software as agreed with the Engineering and Product teams

  • Develop embedded software for the US version of the Hub Controller
  • Resolve issues and design and implement new software features as agreed with the technical team
  • Assist support team in understanding and resolving complex customer issues as needed
  • Mentoring and training of junior staff
  • Share in the process of reviewing all code written by technical staff
  • Participate in quarterly reviews and regular team planning sessions

Participate in the on-call rotation for 24-hour support of the core API service and business hours support for the internal-facing systems


To apply, send resume to: [email protected]