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Heat Inverse Job Posting

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Who we are

Heat Inverse has a photonic metamaterial that gets cold with none of the energy input or waste heat associated with conventional cooling. Think passive AC in a thin film!  Our mission is to revolutionize cooling technologies across a number of industries and profitably reduce greenhouse gasses by more than a GT of CO2eq emissions at full deployment. Our beachhead market is refrigerated trucking, but this is only the tip of the iceberg, with many market applications including building envelopes, consumer vehicles, battery storage and solar photovoltaics.

Here’s some of the business and product development projects we are working on this winter:

  • organizing pilot testing with potential customers in warm regions like Mexico, Columbia, and Nigeria (some travel opportunities depending on the vaccine deployment timing)
  • cooling capacity measurements of our materials “in-house”
  • distributed sensor networks and troubleshooting (raspberryPi, arduino)
  • FTIR absorption measurements at Cornell CCMR
  • preparation for summer pilots with local customers
  • fundraising (grants, competitions, investments)
  • marketing and social media
  • financial modeling
  • customer discovery
  • business development and strategy

What we value

Most of our team are Cornell engineering and business graduates who used to live in the NYC and San Francisco Bay areas, but chose to come back to Ithaca to start this business. This is in large part, because of you. We have so many brilliant, motivated people here, committed to making a positive contribution to the world. We are on a mission. Come help us save the world!

Job Openings:


We are looking for talented and enthusiastic people from various backgrounds, but we’re especially interested in individuals with photonics, thermodynamics, and/or experience with fabrication/manufacturing of thin-films (esp. for outdoor use). MBAs (or business minded individuals) with financial, strategy, marketing and/or sales talents welcome! Motivation to learn trumps all other skills. Diversity is integral to our mission. Flexibility, self-motivation, and the ability to thrive in the uncertain and the ever-changing startup environment are essential qualities for a successful candidate.

If interested please visit: