Customer Driven Startup Award 2022 Voting

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Focusing on customer needs and challenges is a central doctrine we practice at Rev. We’re excited to announce that four Rev member startups have been nominated for the 2nd Annual Most Customer Driven Startup Award in honor of the work they do to exemplify that mission — Antithesis Foods, Florae Collaborative, Levelle Nutrition, and South Hill Cider. The winning startup earns bragging rights for the year and an amazing handcrafted trophy.

Voting will end at 7:00 pm ET on October 13, 2022. The winner will be announced at Networking Night – don’t forget to RSVP to see the action live!

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Antithesis Foods logo featuring overlapping maroon boxes and "af" in the top right corner in white

Antithesis Foods

Antithesis Foods utilizes food science to provide consumers with healthier alternatives to classic snacks. Combining natural ingredients like chickpeas with the familiar junk food crunch, the company creates a uniquely nutrient-rich snack experience. Granted an NSF Phase II SBIR award in April, Antithesis is continually expanding its offerings for consumers who are looking for snacks that meet their dietary needs and satisfy their crunchy cravings.

Florae logo featuring the company name in deep blue and two overlapping graphics of green leaves

Florae Collaborative

Florae specializes in cultivating tropical plants, with special attention paid to carnivorous species. Florae hosts potting parties at their greenhouse, in addition to two open houses a year to educate visitors about their facility and their plants. Beyond rare plants, the company focuses on promoting sustainability and being an educational resource for all sorts of growers.

Levelle Nutrition

Levelle brings a fresh perspective to the sports nutrition world by offering products formulated for female physiology. The founders discovered that women athletes were struggling to find products that agreed with their bodies and provided them with adequate fuel for their workouts. After listening to these issues that specifically impacted women, the founders of Levelle made it their mission to fill this gap in the market and created energy purees suited to meet these previously-ignored needs.

Logo of South Hill Cider with the company name and a black and white illustration of an apple tree

South Hill Cider

South Hill Cider makes craft cider on conserved farmland just four miles from Downtown Ithaca. The orchard hosts a variety of events for visitors, including tours, tastings, live music, and their annual CiderFest. They have a newsletter for those interested in learning more about the process of cider making, and members of the South Hill Cider Club can even have seasonal ciders shipped right to their door—there’s something for everyone.