Iterate Labs

About Iterate Labs

Iterate Labs is a bio-motion insights company that prevents repetitive motion injuries in the industrial workforce with our proprietary smart wearables and software. Our first product is a smartglove aimed at the prevention of carpal tunnel and related injuries.



Job Opportunities


Data Scientist:

We are currently looking to recruit for a data scientist to join our passionate team of engineers, computer scientists, and business executives to help redefine workplace safety.



At Iterate labs we develop wearables and IoT products which are redefining workplace safety. Our key products are wearables which collect high fidelity motion data that is sent via IoT gateways to our analytics software hosted on AWS. You will be a part of a highly cross and multi-functional development team that furthers engineering creativity and innovation. We are seeking a resourceful and creative electrical engineer to join our team who is passionate about research and developing solutions for health and safety. As a hardware engineer you will be involved in debugging, functional verification, signal characterization, hardware bug tracking, and working with leading suppliers and manufacturing partners to build our wearable technologies.

Education & Experience

  • BS/ MS of Science in Electrical Engineering or Mechatronics


Desirable skills:

  • Solid grasp of system integration, embedded system design
  • Adept at CAD (eagle or equivalent), hands-on prototyping, debugging, and functional verification
  • Knowledge of Arduino IDE to program 32-bit microcontrollers
  • Experience in communication protocols USB, BLE, SPI, I2C and UART
  • Experience in working with RF including BLE and wifi
  • Knowledge of inertial motion sensors (IMU), sensor fusion, signal processing
  • wireless battery charging, PCB design techniques, and general consumer electronics product design


Bonus Points:

  • experience with nRF2 SDK and/or ESP32 SDK, designed and built own UAV
  • Previous experience in robotics, medical device design, human interface design, reliability test
  • knowledge and experience working with various tooling/manufacturing sources and component vendor
  • Experience with AWS Cloud service, HTTP, MQTT protocol, REST protocol 

If interested please contact: Fnu Apoorva: [email protected]